Intelligent Customer Assistant


  • Automates customer support, action and knowledge management.
  • Provides color coded status dashboards.
  • Manages key projects and milestones.
  • Helps drive customer commitments.
  • Tracks schedules, spotlights slow progress.
  • Helps track and manage customer related issues.
  • Tracks cost and time budgets.
  • Automates customer projects and processes via intelligent templates.
  • Supports project calendars and team discussion notes.
  • Facilitates building customer team members.
  • Offers mobile and cloud support.
project createaction

Create project templates documenting best practices listing project actions, inter-dependencies, relevant documents key resources to implement project.


Create actions, track action status

Actions or tasks may be created under projects. These actions appear as colored ‘Action Buttons Dashboard’ tracking commitments and flagging status of completion as well as flagging issues. Dashboards are offered for tracking schedules and for tracking cost and time budgets.

Provides automatic and continuous work guidance to team on required work completion percentages.


Track and Update action status

Team members may edit tasks within projects updating work completion status and completion dates. Cost and time resources spent on the task may be updated.

Tasks may be also be assigned to third parties who may not be part of the project team. The third parties will only have visibility to the assigned task and not the full project.


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